Monday, February 4, 2013

MOOC Problems...

I was so excited to sign up for my first MOOC ever...and it royally failed. Not me, the MOOC. Too many people, too many problems...reminded me of riding a crowded subway in Tokyo. (Been there. Done that. But don't want to live it again.) I posted a few things to the discussion board for group #39 but people were definitely confused. When I saw the problems and then ultimately got the email that they were suspending the course for now, I felt bad for the teacher....but also relieved: I'm. Not. The. Only. One. Unexpected problems are SUCH a part of the online experience at this point. As soon as your figure something out, another one appears. There's hardly time to eat or think. Teacher or student, on some level the online course is here to mess with your life. Here's an article about it --not missing the irony of course that the MOOC was about teaching online:

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