Thursday, February 28, 2013

Customized Education

I am massively MOOCing. In a Canvas Network MOOC on Social Media and actually learning how to make sense of my twitter account which has been largely dormant. Learning: Social Media =#SoMe ...oh me, so me, this is incredible. Now I see....LINKS to great writing and COMMENTS and INSIGHTS.  OH!!!!!!  Starting to get it.
Maria Anderson  from Canvas is teaching the MOOC....the person who tweeted her dissertation one hour at a time.  So I decided to tweet the book I'm reading for the class one chapter at a time: Inevitable Mass Customized Learning, by Charles Schwahn and Beatric McGarvey. So readable, so right. 
Customize our education: I'll have mine grande, double shot, peppermint mocha. What? Of COURSE I want whip!!

WAKE UP, EDUCATORS and ADMINISTRATORS!  THE REVOLUTION IS HERE NOW...but  I don't see much progress towards even recognizing it at the small technical college where I work, which is struggling with enrollment. CUSTOMIZED LEARNING  is where it's at!

The reality of how we should be changing versus how we are not changing has gotten my brain thinking in ALL CAPS.

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