CITL: Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Did you know? Faculty who participate in professional development have higher student retention rates!

RTC's Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning is located in C105, and is a space for faculty and related instructional staff workshops, meetings, and computer use. It is coordinated by Liz Falconer, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning.
Full time faculty at Renton Technical College are expected to fulfill the state-mandated professional development areas of discipline, governance, and pedagogy.  
For both full time and adjunct faculty, there is also the institutional expectation and support for ongoing professional development related specifically to instruction. In 2015-16, RTC provided stipends for faculty to select from their topics of choice for a year-long asynchronous in-service. In 2016-17, there is support for participation in the Intentional Teaching Pathway, building a culture of shared teaching expertise and lifelong learning.
I am very excited about the Intentional Teaching Pathway that has been developed on our campus.  Prior to coming to RTC, I had heard about the great work being done here with applying Reading Apprenticeship and Universal Design for Learning for student success.  I look forward to the expansion of these concepts and practices across our curriculum in creating active, learning-centered classroom communities.
– President Kevin McCarthy