QM (Quality Matters) is a certified approach to developing great online courses. To learn more about the basics, check out this 10-minute presentation: An Intro to QM (Links to an external site.)

Quality Matters offers online ourses so that you can understand and apply their rubric for online teaching. The basic courses are funded by SBCTC, and you can sign up by contacting Liz Falconer, the RTC Quality Matters Coordinator. They are all online, about 3 weeks long.  You receive a certificate when you complete the course.
The first course is "Applying the QM Rubric" "APPQMR"

In order to have SBCTC pay for the course, you must register through Liz Falconer ( (If you register yourself, you must pay yourself.)   Note that when you complete APPQMR, you qualify to become part of our QualityRTC internal review team.

Interested in having your online or hybrid course reviewed by our internal review team? Let Liz know --it is great to get this kind of feedback based on the QM rubric.
OER Training:
This two week course is fully online and asynchronous, providing participants with information and experience in adopting and integrating open educational resources (OER) into their pedagogy. In addition to discussing the concept of OER and open licenses, participants will also practice locating and sharing open educational resources.  As this is a fully facilitated training that will produce an official certificate to the participants upon successful completion, participants are expected to spend 10 hours to complete the course. This training is free for anyone in the WA CTC system.