Sunday, September 7, 2014

Connected Courses is Starting!

I have excitedly signed up for Connected Courses -  an open, community-based project:

The goal for Connected Courses is to build an inclusive and expansive network of teachers and students, and provide educational offerings that make high quality, meaningful, and socially connected learning available to everyone. The go-at-your-own-pace collaborative course is free and open to all.

That description has all the words that I am growing to love: Connection. Education. Possibilities. Vocabulary like this triggers the explorer in me,and compelling ideas in my mind that I think about every day.  I put them together in to a wordle:

The first unit will be: What is, or should be, the future of higher education?  What do we stand to lose or gain in pursuing the possibilities opened up by the Web?  What are the underlying logics and effects of different approaches to teaching with technology/online?

I will keep updates on activities in the Connected Course page, above.  

You can still sign up!