About FLEX

Renton Technical College's  Faculty Learning Express was initiated in 2013, and is located in the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (room C105), a learning space for educators campus-wide and beyond. 

C105 - Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning 

The Center for Teaching and Learning fosters community around and drives advances in teaching and learning to promote student success by:

  • Actively and thoughtfully seeking and incorporating methods and tools in the 21st century landscape of education.
  • Increasing faculty and interdepartmental communication.
  • Championing the cycle of teaching and learning across campus

CITL is an integral part of ongoing and extensive professional development for faculty, supporting RTC’s vision of being a premier technical college in Washington State.

The center is coordinated by Liz Falconer,  Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning, who works with instruction department administrators and faculty, assisting in facilitating learning and teaching innovation across the college curricula. Her work includes the development, implementation and evaluation of instructional improvement projects; overseeing RTC’S Faculty Learning Express (FLEX) offerings, administration of faculty and staff professional development activities, and administration of the college LMS system. 

Stop by anytime to C105, or email Liz at lfalconer@rtc.edu for more information or to discuss any questions or ideas related to teaching for student success.