Sunday, May 19, 2013


My article on my MOOC Experience, Whitewater Rafting the Canvas Social Media MOOC is out! The MOOC News and Reviews Blog is getting really interesting, and I am excited to be part of this.

So many articles about changes in education options lately, with MOOCS being a sort of major representation of what can and will happen with our current system. Among in all, I notice that everything is framed in an all-or-nothing format: You can study for a LARGE amount of money that will probably require taking out loans and living frugally for years afterwards, forgoing travel and other things that could enlighten you, OR you can study for absolutely FREE,  putting together your own courses and hoping that MOOCs will come into their own as respected college courses in the job market.  (And do interesting things such as travel to boot.)

At this point, there has been lots of finger-pointing regarding quality of course content and online vs. traditional learning, comparatively little has been said regarding the main problem with our current education system: It is WAY OVERPRICED.  We need to have a huge PRICE REDUCTION on this oversized house that no longer fits the needs or income of today's family.
Education needs a reality check, and it is coming in the form of MOOCs.  People are saying not so much that they are unhappy with education, they are saying they can't afford the price being asked.

I will write about this more this soon.   But I want to say that it's time to drastically reduce the price of that house, because - lovely as it is - even if we want to buy it, we can't.