Friday, December 27, 2013

(e)Learning by (e)doing...

I am having so much fun (and learning so much!) in getting ready to facilitate the first year in our eLearning Certificate that starts Jan. 13th. 
What's different about this certificate? Here's a short list of awesome attributes that sets it apart from the rest:
1. Cost.  The whole series of six courses cost less than one course in many other institutions. (No, I'm not exaggerating.) This is not to say it is worth less; it is being provided by an institution that is dedicated to providing quality education at affordable prices.

2. A focus on community college educators. This series allows us to hold discussions, share information and exchange ideas related to our students, who range from often multilingual single working parents who may not have been in school recently, to youth and immigrants working on GEDs. Our students vitally need us, and we want to create online learning pathways that work. This is relevant to K-12 educators as well, as many of our concerns overlap.

3. Hands-on and practical.  Participants will have a chance to learn by doing...and put new tools and ideas to immediate use. Readings will be kept to a minimum; practice activities to a maximum. 

4.  The unique facilitators (myself included!)  The curriculum for our inaugural year has been put together by incredibly dedicated and knowledgable bunch that stops an nothing to explore and learn; take a look at our bios here. I personally like to think that besides my extensive educational experience, my enthusiasm and penchant for creativity and inclusive communities will have a positively fantastic impact on the participants in this certificate, who will each finish with an online course that they have created themselves.

Here's a video to give you a quick look at Course Design and Implementation:

2014....Looking forward to it!

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