Saturday, April 20, 2013


(If you understand this title reference AND are reading blogs like this, welcome to the club of "seasoned"online adventurers! Here we are, looking for the online education treasure!)

This week I was excited to be one of the first writers to help launch  a great new site: MOOC News and Reviews.  My article was about my experience in a Coursera MOOC, and compares the experience with something from my past, homeschooling: Something Familiar, Something Great.  The editor, Robert McGuire writes, "MOOC News and Reviews is an online publication devoted to thoughtful critique of individual MOOC courses and to discussion of the evolving MOOC landscape. We are independent and user-centric, and our goal in every review is to answer for readers, “What will I experience in this course and how will it impact my life?”

One of the excited aspects was that I was asked to write for them because of an article I wrote here,  The Wail of the Online Course. (It was also published in Edudemic  - I was struck with how the different graphics and title gave the same article a different feel.)
In the meantime, I am spending my energies now in  on a Canvas MOOC, Social Media, which has been a very involving class. Interestingly I actually ran into another class member at a local conference for Canvas users, when I sat down for lunch and the woman next to me saw my name tag and said, "Liz Falconer? Um,  I recognize your name from the SoMe  MOOC!"  Such a small world. That MOOC is running from the end of Feb. to the beginning of May -- we are getting ready for our final projects now.  My head is all but spinning from the amount of information I've learned and the pathways that are opening for online education....Stay tuned for more about that!

Random Meeting! Fellow MOOCer Renee and I at the Canvas User's Group Conference

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